Laser cutting session with urs aka hugi

I finally got around to see my friend urs aka hugi to test his living-room laser cutter. nnnnnice.. the democratization of manufacturing has started, home-fabbing rocks!

so we tried to cut tape glued on top of microscopy slides, to be used as master for casting PDMS microchannels, see my article on homemade microfluidics, to be published in chips&tips. with these structures i will be able to do nice practical lab experiments on microfluidics with the students from FHNW.

more than that, of course we had the laser power all the way up, cos its fun, creates a lot of smoke and is spectacular to watch. and it seems the laser cut right into the glass slides.... hmmm that looked like fun. so we spent the rest of the evening carving our custom made microsocpy slides, see pictures below.

of course we didnt stop there and tested the laser micro-projector, see older post, and could beautifully project through the glass slides and get a nice, sharp and clear image of the dusjagr icon projected on our neighbors wall. hmmm that also looks quite interesting.


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