dusjagr's residency in Yogyakarta

Moving in...

Visits to the Fields

See specific post for various visits to the fields and forests around Yogyakarta.

With Akbar, we also went to Gemolong in Surakarta, to see his recent project, a newly developed facility to make biodecomposer

Fermentation Philosophies

Talks & Presentations

see specific post

"On BioHacking and Education in the Life Sciences"
Wed 11 Jan, 13pm | Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Fakultas Bioteknologi

Discussion : Understanding Art, Science and Technology
Wed 18 Jan, 18pm, Umahseni, Jakarta
With Dr. Marc Dusseiller, Dr. Denisa Kera, HONF

MobileKitchenLab Workshop

see hackteria posts for more details...

Projects in the HONFablab

Writing some Texts
Starting soon...

Chill-out with Friends

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