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Randen update 2.0

Welcome to Randen 2.0!

Die letzten paar Wochen hat sich der Rütelmaa üüübel in den Putzwahn reingesteigert, nen neuen Ofen installiert, Küche renoviert und alles gestrichen. Merci!

Währendessen habe ich mich vorallem im neuen FabLab - Underes Ätzisloo / Randen mit 3D-Printern, BabyGnusbuinos und Kafi-Schnapps rumgeschlagen habe, Psychobillies und anderen Plastik-Kram geprintet.

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The Official Me

Yesterday night i started cleaning up my belongings, getting ready for the move...After 15 years of living at Schöneggstrasse loooooaaads of stuff has been collected, stored, piled and archived. I found many old ID cards, passports, membership cards and stuff. Here is a best of.

DIYbio article and interview in Neue Zürcher Zeitung

An article in today's issue of NZZ (4. April 2012 Neue Zürcher Zeitung) gives a nice overview of the amateur biologist scene in LA. The journalist Lena Stallmach visited the people from LA biohackers in their own space/lab (which is currently in boxes, prepared for the move to a bigger space) and describes their working environment, dreams of inventions, ongoing projects and workshops in collaboration with the FBI.

In the interview dusjagr gives some info about the local movement in switzerland and the hackteria network, some critical reflections on the promises the DIYbio movement paralleling the agro/chem industries, the potential of garage biotech for developing countries and generally the role of DIY science in educating and empowering a democratic society.

download the full print article here:

X-Spirituaahl Sound Hacks, Workshop with Keith Lam, Hong Kong

The one and only, first time ever "X-Spirituaahl Sound Hacks" workshop, combining the easy hackable mantra boxes with some local sound toys, buddha machines and maybe even some musical souvenirs from indonesia. We plan an introduction into simple music toy hacking for making experimental and noisy tunes, first steps into lo-fi electronic circuits needed to expand the hacked circuitry with oscillators and amplifiers and most of all having fun hacking!

By dusjagr & Keith Lam, dimension+ studio, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

X-Spirituaahl Sound Hacks Workshop from dusjagr on Vimeo.

see more impression on dimension+ fbook page

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dusjagr's residency in Yogyakarta

Moving in...

Visits to the Fields

See specific post for various visits to the fields and forests around Yogyakarta.

With Akbar, we also went to Gemolong in Surakarta, to see his recent project, a newly developed facility to make biodecomposer

Fermentation Philosophies

Talks & Presentations

see specific post

"On BioHacking and Education in the Life Sciences"
Wed 11 Jan, 13pm | Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Fakultas Bioteknologi

Discussion : Understanding Art, Science and Technology
Wed 18 Jan, 18pm, Umahseni, Jakarta
With Dr. Marc Dusseiller, Dr. Denisa Kera, HONF

MobileKitchenLab Workshop

see hackteria posts for more details...

Projects in the HONFablab

Writing some Texts
Starting soon...

Chill-out with Friends

Talks & Presentations in Indonesia

Presentation/Discussion: DIWO, Citizen Science and Hacktivism in Art and Design / Science and Technology
Mon 30 Jan, 11h, ISI, Yogyakarta
With Dr. Marc Dusseiller, Dr. Denisa Kera, HONF

Lecture series: Hackteria, BioHacking and FoodHacking
Fri 27 Jan, 14h, UKDW, Yogyakarta
With Dr. Marc Dusseiller, Dr. Denisa Kera, Tommy / HONF

Thu 26 Jan 10h, Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta, Kampus Iii
With Dr. Marc Dusseiller, Dr. Denisa Kera, Ira / HONF

Prelude to the "Mobile KitchenLab Workshop - Hacking Angkringan"

Discussion : Understanding Art, Science and Technology
Wed 18 Jan, 18pm, Umahseni, Jakarta
With Venzha (HONF), Dr. Marc Dusseiller, Dr. Denisa Kera and Pak Enin

"On BioHacking and Education in the Life Sciences"
Wed 11 Jan, 13pm | Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Fakultas Bioteknologi

Download the .pdf slides here: dusjagr_UGM_bioteknologi_lowres

During the two hours I wanted to show some examples, on how such interdisciplinary activies in the sphere of biohackers, artists and geeks has a great and inspiring influence on developing new ways to teach and communicate science. During the 5 years of working in the framework of SGMK and the hackteria project, also in different cultural background from Europe through India, Taiwan and Indonesia, i could learn from all the collaborations. Being always open to learn new things is key of being a good teacher! Examples have been shown on how the HackteriaLab2011 has influenced the workshop for children at Ars Electronica "BioCyberKidzz" and generally the DIY and hacker's approach on my teaching to the students in life science technology at FHNW, in the "wetPONG" lab courses.