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DIYbio article and interview in Neue Zürcher Zeitung

An article in today's issue of NZZ (4. April 2012 Neue Zürcher Zeitung) gives a nice overview of the amateur biologist scene in LA. The journalist Lena Stallmach visited the people from LA biohackers in their own space/lab (which is currently in boxes, prepared for the move to a bigger space) and describes their working environment, dreams of inventions, ongoing projects and workshops in collaboration with the FBI.

In the interview dusjagr gives some info about the local movement in switzerland and the hackteria network, some critical reflections on the promises the DIYbio movement paralleling the agro/chem industries, the potential of garage biotech for developing countries and generally the role of DIY science in educating and empowering a democratic society.

download the full print article here:

First vjing the pd_microscope @ cellsSONIC, Yogya

At the cellsSONIC, part of the cellsbutton#03 Yogyakarta media art festival, we have played a spontanous experimental jam session. Togar (Yogyakarta), playing on various solenoids, Kanno So (Japan) with his Jamming Gear, Alex Schaub (Netherlands/Switzerland) using a variety of bamboo flutes and other instuments and me, dusjagr (Switzerland) first time vjing using the hackteria pd_microscope.

here is a short clip:

and it was even in the indonesian press...


"Er ist zwei Meter hoch..."

Die mitorganisation des diy* festivals hat mir sogar nen "kopf der woche" in der SN gegeben. den artikel kann man noch im archiv finden.


ich glaube ich sollte schaffhausen mehr ehre gebühren. ich freu mich auf den frühling auf dem rhein.