Gmöttophon A/V - born in Brrrrlin

I have been finally working on a new instrument: the Gmöttophon A/V. After the earlier series of musical/noise instruments, i wanted to build a new one that combines audio and visual experimentation, while keeping everything small. Earlier discussions and projects with Niklas Roy, seeing his vektron modular, and the experiment with the NanoŠmano TV during the session in Ljubljana with Stefan Doepner and Feargal Parkes.

Thanks to Haunz, who found an old video-camera on Boxi, i got my hands on a tiny little CRT monitor from the viewfinder. these little things are beautiful small cathode ray tubes, that allow a lot of messing up with the video signal or directly of through coils. they are quite easy to reengineer to figure out where to connect power (usually around 5 V) and GND, and then just try to connect a composite video to the other cables until you find it. The first experiment, see image below, sadly failed, cos when trying to remove the cover, we cracked the tube and lost the vacuum... it was a nice round one though.

Anyway, i managed to build the first prototype ot the Gmöttophon A/V, and in fact its bloody awesome. a bit like Ryoji Ikeda for you pocket :-)
Its controlled by an ultra simple circuit with two oscillators using a 4093 and an amp LM386, then there is various ways to patch the signals togehter. as video source i used a small surveillance camera, from the chinese market in Budapest. The options are endless... The video above just shows one of the late night experiments.

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