Festival hopping in Slovenija

The last ten days i have been jumping from one festival to another one in Slovenija. and i loved it once again.

First of all i was invited for a talk and a hackteria workshop for HAIP festival. Great and familiar atmosphere, and first time to work on a new project for future hackteria workshop, "getting on plant's nerves"...

Then there was also KIBLIX happening at the same time in maribor, so i drove through the snow a couple of time, to see the BioModd project, visit my friends (indonesians and locals, hooray to son:DA: Grandma's rocks!!!) and plan the collaboration for Kiblix2011, where we hopefully can collaborate with SGMK.

because anyway we tried to combine the KIBLIX loves HAIP loves MFRU. and had a great jam session and food with friends at cirkulacija 2, thanks to stefan, borut and bostjan.

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