More hacks on the BioNano-Mouse

I continued on the hack of the optical mouse, first i installed an RGB-LED to be able to choose the color of the illumination. The using the blue LED i tried to detect fluorescence using a fluorescein solution. I got some signals, but still need to test the amount of reflected light and fluorescence. got some filters laying around somewhere... i could easily detect the loss of fluorescence, when following a tiny little drop that dried out, see image below.

Furthermore I improved the code to read out the registers for the frame-grabbing. it seems there is a limit to at what speed i can dump all the pixels of the frame. But still i could improve it by reducing some of the delays down to 1 µsec. It lookes much smoother now, but haven't checked the worm yet.

Also i hacked another chip, the Avago 2610, very similar, 18x18 pixel array, And looking at the datasheet I should be able to get a lot more data out, such as, maximum and average pixel intensity, shutter speed, info about focused image etc.

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