New Animals and hacked PS3 Eye microscope

Easy modification of a Playstation 3 Eye, high-speed camera, optimized for low-lighting and motion detection. Thanks to Alejo Duque for coming up with the idea and prototyping the setup.

Step 1 - Open it up, f**k warrany
Use a small screw driver and open up the case of the PS3eye. The screws are hidden under the small black caps, which can be snapped out easily. Twist open the casing and then unscrew the pcb from the rest of the case.

Step 2 - Remove the optics
Unscrew the small screws which hold the optical parts. Remove it completely and inspect it. The bottom part, obviously has a threaded interior, but sadly the top, optical part is usually glued into it. try scratching off the glue. otherwise carefulle cut through the bottom piece until you can snatch it open and remove the top, optics.

Step 3 - inversion of the optics and positioning
The easiest way to tranform the PS3eye into a microscope is by just flipping upside down the optics. Remount the bottom part back onto the pcb and just tape back the optics upside down on top of it. For different magnifications you can also readjust the position/distance of the optics to the chip. the included switch in the optics to choose 2 different field of views (FOV) turns out to be really useful for microscopy applications.

Step 4 - build a stable setup for inverted light microscopy

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