Random Genome Sequencer

A first prototype for the diplay at dock18 ist finally finshed. we used an arduino to control 2 daisy chained TLC5940 16 channel PWM LED drivers. From the 5V circuit we control the 220V lamps using a TRIAC. The prototype shown above is a matrix of yellow LEDs which are behind a paper screen.

i am currently working on displaying genetic data using 4 different symbols to represent the nucleotides of the genome. It should kinda play with the idea of digital vs. genetic data. in addition to the the large amount of genetic data in an individual human genome, issues are touched such as genetic privacy, open access and visualisation.

While at the moment the display shows a random DNA sequences generated by the atmega microcontroller, further developments could use the one and only downloadable complete genome sequence of a human individual (of course by craig venter). instead of using advanced visualisation tools such as the HuRef Genome Browser, displaying it on a 5x4 pixel screen turns it into a completely ridiculous lighting scheme. calculating the number of basepairs (3.2 billion bp) in a human genome displayed with a reasonable frame rate would render a single complete sequence to last around 100 years :-)


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