Animated 3D microscopy data of single cells

Here is an animation of a single cell inside a square shaped microwell. This was part of my PhD work, for more infos about that check my CV on my site

This was recorded using confocal laser scanning microscopy and the the 3D data was animated using bitplane Imaris.
The goal of the research project was to create 3-dimensional environments for single cells, and thus controlling the shape of the cells. The final goal was to demonstrate that the dimensionality is a crucial cue to influence cell behaviour. A fact that was highly neglected in standard cell culture. To visualize our point i spent a lot of time on new methods to analyze and show our findings using a variety of 3-d tools.

This example shows a epithelial cell grown inside a square microwell of approximately 20 microns width and 10 microns depth. The shape of the cell is highly influenced by the 3-D context and very different from spread cells found on hard and stiff petridishes. The cell membrane was fluorescently labeled and could thus be recorded in microscopy.

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