Filme nominiert für und einen neuen gemacht

The 4th edition of MINIMOTION competition is coming up! The public presentation and the award ceremony will be held on November 23, 2008 at Cinema Riffraff in Zurich, Switzerland.

i entered 3 movies to the competion, the classics like "hase znacht - short version" and "duell" and both of them got nominated for the award taking place on sunday, 23th, november, 2008. everybody should come and clap their hands!!!!

in addition i made a new movie for minimotion with haunz:

The First Encounter

Its tale of science fiction, tea bags, special effects and lots of mouse clicks... sadly we forgot to tell a story. and they didnt want it @ minimotion. but so what, not too much unlike in hollywood, in some cases you just focus too much on special effects than on a good movie. and by the way all special effects were done purely by the use of tea bags!

wait for the "Directors's Cut, Extended Edition deluxe, Alternate Ending" of it.....

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