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The Gilbometer

I finally managed to finish with the Gilbometer, a new instrument i developed at the SGMK camp in Jura. Thanks to Uwe Schüler for his help with the op-amps.

a first session using the prototype was recorded by brian....

Gmoettophon MK II

finally i built an instrument for myself. and its even better than the old one.....

its the SGMK 8-step sequencer and some great 4093 noises and clicks... this time i used two NAND gates and i can freely mix them together.

here is a screenshot of the waves i get out, obviously the NAND gate does not what its supposed to do....

and here a short taste of it.... of course it can do much more, such as imitations off all animals living on the planet........

Get ready for the SID-emulator

i am busy preparing the SGMK workshop, 8-bit SID-emulator, held in zurich from the 16th to 18th of april 2008


for more infos check the arduino page.

and listen to marc@anorg's first music sample using the SID-emulator

Brian's Gmöttophon is born

Another rocking instrument is born. sadly i cant keep it cos its a present for Brian.

Its the rocking SGMK sequencer connected to a modded version of the micro_noise.

dusjagr & haunz rockten am Sonic Wargame an der club transmediale

Als ich mich kurzfristig am montag entschlossen habe noch rasch an die eröffnung der transmediale nach berlin zugehen, dachte ich mir am besten nehm ich doch ein paar instrumente mit....

ich hab mich dann mit hinti für die teilnahme am SONIC WARGAME am club transmediale angemolden.


war eine krass geile performance, 4 spielerteams (musiker und gamer) gegeneinander/durcheinander/miteinander sampleten und noisten in der Maria beim Ostbahnhof/Berlin. an die eröffnung habens wir dann nicht geschafft, der artsy-fartsy war wahrscheinlich eh öd. aber ich versuch noch an die ausstellung zu gehe.... bald.
gespielt haben wir mir den lo-fi looper, den wir mit der SGMK als mini-workshop am copy! und am diy* angeboten haben. hier ein bild:


SID-emulator on Arduino

we have been busy developing a new musical instrument for lo-fi 8bit cranky sounds. nnnnnnniiice.

all the work was done during the SGMK workshopin lenk in collaboration with c. haberer and c. stähli.
thanx also to dani reichmuth for all the help using the eagle software.

work still in progress... see the arduino playground