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Leaving cellsbutton / Heading for PlayAround10

cellsbutton#04 is over... or at least for me, and for this time. who knows when i gonna be back to wora wari. it was quite sad to leave earlier before the festival really ended, missed the day at the beach, missed the breakcore_labs.

but the next thing is already coming up, one night in singapore and a nice visit to Post-Museum, in little india, where we could a hardware/bio-hacking workshop next time, when passing through singapore. now finally heading to taipei and getting prepared for Playaround 2010 - DIWO culture

a day off from the cells...

After the busy last few days at cellsbutton#04, I took a day off and drove down to a beach near Tepus, Yogyakarta, maybe it was named Pantai Sepanjang... awesome biodiversity at the reef, millions of weirdest animals and colors, and all that completely alone with my friend u.

dusjagr is back to cellsbutton

Niiiiice, I am back to cellsbutton#04, organized by HONF... the best festival ever!

The first few days were already busy, lots of interesting workshops, parties and discussions. also i met a lot of people, both new but also good old friends. I already got some first soldering action, and tried ways to make a diy version of the diy makeaway bitbadge. sadly i got the wrong site of pcb and cant use the shim for screen printing the solder paste. but with some patience we managed to get a few going...

also had some talks and workshops about new hackteria tools, such as the hacked optical mouse and the hacked PS3 eye mounted on an old microscope stage. i worked with akbar, a young microbiologist from UGM, on it and tested the DIY3 eye microscope for use with a haemocytometer to count yeast cells, which we then presented at the workshop at UGM later.

I was also happy to finally meet Georg Tremel again, from biopresence. He got some great recent work on DIY plant tissue culture and uses it with a blue flower, which is genetically modified for aesthetic reasons. He also did a workshop at UGM and hopefully the "Moondust" will grow there soon... and we got to have him collaborating for hackteria soon!

arrived in Hong Kong

After a looong night stopping over in singapore and meeting my friends jerneja and rizal, in finally arrived in hong kong. living in the middle of the city, in wan chai, in a nice little hotel with a balcony into the chaotic hk streets.

and i got a new phone number: +852-6547-4890.

After visiting the RTHK radiostation in went to videotage to hang out (beautiful space by the way) and start preparing this weekends hackteria workshop. and then....

shopping at Ap Liu Street, the electronics paradise. got lots of blinking stuff, LEDs, cameras etc.... and set up my lab in my hotelroom, experimenting around with lasers, lenses and tardigrades

preparing for Hongkong

[16:39:14] … check this map
[16:39:15] dusjagr: nnnnnice
[16:39:19] … thanks a lot
[16:39:30] Keith: apliu street 203,
[16:39:45] … and there is a building next to this "Ming Chu Bldg"
[16:40:09] … write down this chinese character: 華輝 , because you would find a big signage of this name
[16:40:40] dusjagr: i copy everything
[16:40:52] Keith: and also you can have find of the whole street, full of junks, electronics, cheap LEDs, parts, vintage something, etc
[16:41:02] dusjagr: aaaahhh
[16:41:04] … paradise
[16:41:05] Keith: super cheap, fxxking cheap
[16:41:15] dusjagr: i'll be there dude
[16:41:26] Keith: all of my friend from ITP named it Paradise
[16:41:33] dusjagr: haha

Setting up the Electric Retina in Melbourne and some noise

Here are some impression from my trip to melbourne, where i went with Jill Scott to set up the Electric Retina at RMIT gallery for the exhibition Super Human: Revolution of the Species organized by the Australian Network for Art and Technology.

The setup went great and i had some time to celebrate my birthday, meeting with my old friend Guoliang and going to some wicked noise concerts in bar open and horse bazaar.