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diy*-night und entfernte Perfomanz

Happily we (allthough we doesnt really include myself, thanks to gaudi, stahl und gäss), meaning SGMK, organized another issue of the diy* festival. This year as a diy* day and night in Dock18, Rote Fabrik. As much as i heard and saw through the online stream it was a great success. Numerous open.theremins were built and lots of solder smoke inhaled.


Proudly, Keith Lam, aka the demos, and me were invited to start the evening performances by a remote performance from out hotel room in Taipei, where we just finished with PlayAround09 | TechNomads. So 5 o'clock in the morning, drunk and tired, Keith and me built an ultra-diy-experimental-improvised audio/visual setup... somehow his iSight from his macbook pointed towards my eeePC stuck onto a chair on top of our hotelrooms table. onto the latter the webcam was attached which was used to shoot some visuals during the performance from the electronic toys'n'synths or even pointing back to keiths screen...

full stream of the remote performance can be viewed on

dusjagr @ PlayAround 09 | TechNomads

PlayAround 09 Workshop - TechNomads from dusjagr on Vimeo.

PlayAround 09

Videoshooting on the Moon with Andy G

DIY Kamikazee lärmten am 10ans anyma


Another great performance of the live-soldering group DIY Kamikaze at the festival of 10 years anyma in Fribourg.

more pics can be found here >>

This friday @ Dock18